Girl Up Initiative Uganda

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About Us

Girl Up Initiative Uganda (GUIU) aims to create a movement of young empowered women from the most marginalized areas of Uganda. GUIU was established in Uganda in December 2012 to empower young women and girls to be leaders in their communities by providing them with educational and economic opportunities.

We believe that it is not enough to send girls to school; we must also ensure that girls develop the skills and knowledge to excel and complete primary school so they can move to secondary school and eventually university with confidence and improved self-esteem.

Our flagship program is our Leadership and SRHR Training Program for in-school adolescent girls (ages 8-18 years) in primary schools with the aim to educate them as to their rights and the importance of preventing early pregnancy and staying in school. We hold monthly trainings covering topics that range from leadership and communications skills to gender-based violence and abuse. All girls become members of the Girl Up Club in their school that is facilitated by female teachers, which meets bi-weekly to provide a safe space for girls to discuss sensitive topics and participate in small business and savings opportunities. 

GUIU also believes that we must tackle women’s economic dependency on men, which greatly limits their autonomy and ability to leave unhealthy relationships. To this end, in January 2014 we established the Young Mothers Economic Empowerment Program targeting young mothers (ages 16-25) to provide them with practical business skills and start-up capital to begin income-generating projects. The program includes monthly business management and savings training as well as follow-up mentoring and advice for each woman. Participants have also taken the initiative to start a weekly Revolving Savings Group to assist with their business enterprises as well as to cover basic needs and school fees for their children.