Speak UP

  • California


11845 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Speak UP is an organization founded by parents who want to improve public education in California. Our strategy is to engage our parent partners around the issues that are important to them – starting at the most local level – and bring them together to build a larger community of advocates.

We believe that when parents understand the decision-making process and recognize that systemic change is within their power, they will raise their collective voice as advocates and voters. Working as a community, we will drive the necessary policy changes to promote high-quality public education for all California children. Speak UP will build an enduring organization that will have a lasting impact on electoral results and legislation. 

The mission of Speak UP is to engage, educate and activate parents and community members to advocate for excellent, equitable public education at their children’s schools, in their communities, with elected representatives and at the ballot box.