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About Us

Through Choki’s support causes, beneficiaries will receive opportunities for human sustainability, security, and empowerment. The economic opportunities are provided only to the world’s poorest communities, who otherwise may continue to suffer the cycle of poverty. Choki wants to accomplish a world of "I believe," with the purpose to share the beauty of traditional arts and culture with the world. We believe that art has the capacity to create and reinvent life in unimaginable ways.

Choki believes art serves as communication for the improvement of society, social relationships, consciousness, and a greater understanding of the human experience. Our goal is to subsidize traditional artists from distressed backgrounds to do the work they love and help raise awareness of their communities and cultures internationally through their artwork. The artworks are then auctioned with all proceeds returned to the artists' communities for sustainable development projects. By revealing to the developed world the beauty of secluded cultures that exist, we believe we can help sustain tradition.