Massachusetts Environmental Voters Education Fund

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Eastern Massachusetts

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About Us

The Massachusetts Environmental Voters Education Fund (MEVEF) is a nonpartisan, 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated improving the quality of Massachusetts’ environment for all its citizens by encouraging them to participate in the democratic process. We work with voters, advocacy and local grassroots organizations by developing and providing tools and strategic resources to help them more effectively protect the environment.

MEVEF recognizes that environmental advocates can enhance their clout on Beacon Hill, but to do so will require more than lobbying and writing a few letters. We need a strategic and coordinated effort to organize the environmental community in support of a few targeted priorities and to generate grassroots support in key legislative districts to enact those priorities.

MEVEF promotes strategic thinking and activism among environmental and conservation organizations. We provide cutting edge technology, training, message development, and coordination to increase the effectiveness of the environmental community. In addition, MEVEF mobilizes individual voters through environmental outreach and education.

MEVEF is affiliated with the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters (MLEV), is part of a robust network of 33 state leagues across the country, and is supported by the national League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF), which provides technical expertise, technology, and shared resources.