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About Us

The Luang Prabang Film Festival (LPFF) is an annual celebration of filmmaking in Southeast Asia with an additional aim of educating Lao people about film as a means of cultural expression and communication. 

Since 2010, LPFF has supported Southeast Asian filmmakers contributing to an exchange between their film industries. A regional event based in Laos, LPFF is one of the largest regular non-religious events in the country, and the only major festival in the world that solely focuses on Southeast Asian cinema. Best of all, every single one of its screenings and activities is free and open to the public. Thus, each year, over 22,000 people attend the festival's screenings, performances, and other activities over the six-day festival. Many of those visitors are high-ranking government officials, business owners and managers, regional investors, and film industry professionals from around Southeast Asia and further abroad. 

Between the yearly events, LPFF produces screenings and educational projects that attempt to raise awareness about film in Laos, building a long-term, sustainable project that seeks to support a burgeoning industry and art form.