Epping Recreation Department

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157 Main St.
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About Us

For over twenty-five years, the Epping Recreation Department has operated a variety of successful programs for residents of the greater Epping community. Our goal is to meet the needs of our community by providing high quality programming. We offer s, an array of recreational activities including adult athletics and aerobics, free community events, educational classes, and more.

We place a strong emphasis on youth services and strive to provide comprehensive and high quality programming to youth of all ages. We provide a safe, nurturing place for children to attend quality programming beyond the schools’ hours of operation. We strive to help youth reach their full potential by allowing them to explore their physical, social and intellectual interests in a safe and fun setting. The culture of our programs emphasizes quality relationships and a healthy respect for individuality.

The Epping Recreation Department is committed to meeting the needs of the people in our community. We are constantly striving to expand our programming while maintaining a high level of quality.

For more information please visit our website http://www.eppingrecreation.org/page5.php