Baale Mane

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About Us

The Baale Mane Trust is a home for girl children in Hesaraghatta, 30 km from Bangalore city centre. We provide sustained support for girl children who enter our care between the ages of 6 and 14. Currently, we have 41 girl children in the home and are supporting 20 who are over 18, and are transitioning to an independent life in the city. Some of our girl children are orphans or have a single parent who is unable to care for them, and many have been rescued from domestic service. Others have been found homeless by volunteers or have been given shelter having been arrested by the police when living on the streets.                                                        

 All of the girl children attend local schools (Kannada or English Medium, depending on their individual ability) and have further English tuition on the weekends. Once they finish school they go on to PUC and college or do vocational courses or training programmes depending on their interest and ability. Our care-planning programmes focus on fostering personal development and key life skills such as leadership, teamwork, initiative and critical thinking. We organise frequent external life-skills workshops in partnership with local initiatives and the girl children participate in artistic activities such as dance or craft sessions regularly.

We focus on helping our girls make educated, informed choices surrounding their careers, sexuality and well-being, and our overall aim is to equip each girl with the necessary skills to lead an independent life.