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About Us

The members of Agents of Change feel that the solution to many of our society’s problems is very simple; we must learn to want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves. We must learn to see that our respective communities have shared interests, universal values, and regardless of race, creed, or religion; we can be brought together in common solidarity for the creation of a just society. Our objective is to contribute to the creation of this society by fulfilling our goal of building a sustainable, networked community of socially conscious individuals and social justice organizations

The Agents of Change mission is three fold. First, we are dedicated to recruiting and placing volunteers in community outreach organizations. To accomplish this goal our agents and online forum will help coordinate and place these individuals where their skills are best utilized. Secondly, through research and development we aim to articulate broad social issues that are reflected directly in our communities and address them by inspiring people to make change. Lastly, we will sponsor conferences and events to politically and socially educate our communities on social justice issues that we represent.

The problems that affect our society continue to this day because we are divided. We are divided on race, we are divided on religion; we are divided on gender, class, and party. The cities we live in and the neighborhoods within them are wracked with poverty and social injustice and we are too concerned with our differences to do something about it. The blatant economic and social problems present in our communities are the sum of the problems amongst our friends and families. If we want to build a better society then we must start with what we are familiar with. The AOC will give aid to those that are involved in empowering our communities on a grassroots level. The AOC needs your help. By providing bodies and minds ready to aid our people we will give logistical support and person power to organizations already on the front lines. The AOC needs volunteers to address social problems at the source and provide direct aid to our communities.