National Farm Workers Service Center- Si Se Puede Learning Center

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3400 Salado Creek
San Antonio

United States

About Us

The mission of the National Farm Workers Service Center, Inc. (NFWSC) Housing and Economic Development Fund (HED) is to create and maintain healthy communities by providing quality affordable housing and social facilities, so people can live, socialize, gather and learn in a positive environment.

Two main programs of the Si Se Puede! Learning Center, are the After-School and Summer Program, which offer a continued educational experience for youth and teens, beyond the classroom. Both programs support academic achievement by focusing on homework assistance, literacy, math and technology. For our math and literacy curriculum we use KidsLit and KidsMath modules. While using KidsLit and KidsMath, the Si Se Puede Learning Center is able to make learning fun and still increase mathematical and literacy skills, for each student.

While helping to increase these two specific areas, in a child, we are hoping to impact a child's success later in life and increase their opportunity to go to college. These two programs reinforce a culture of excellence where hard work and dedication, to one's education, is rewarded.