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About Us

Since its inception, theAlliance’s mission has been and is “Advancing a Powerful Nonprofit Sector.” That mission when created back in 2000 was intended to be all encompassing. The founders spoke of advancing the nonprofit sector, not just some nonprofits, but the sector as a whole.

TheAllianceis governed by a board of 17 NPO leaders. In our Bylaws it states we will be a sector-led, sector-driven association with 75% of the board made up of NPO leaders.

The current budget is approximately $250,000 with a staff of 2.5 and 3-4 interns from local universities. Revenue make-up is 40% from membership dues; 45% from program revenue; 15% from sponsorship & contributions.

Three Pillars

Leadership Development

  • NPC: in production for 17 years;Alliance producing for last 8 years; 800 nonprofit leaders attend 27 workshops with 3 keynotes
  • Leadership Speaker Series: quarterly event featuring local leaders on diverse topics; expanding into Pierce Nov 2011; Snohomish Mar 2012
  • ED Forums: quarterly forum designed just for ED/CEOs to discuss the challenges of today; 35 – 40 attendees/quarter; expanding into Pierce Oct 2011; Snohomish Oct 2011
  • Peer Coaching: 9-month program with cohorts of CEO/EDs, CFOs, Development Directors & Board Chairs; expanding into Pierce Sep 2011; Snohomish Jan 2012
  • Standard for Excellence: new program slated to begin in May 2012; modeled after the Maryland Nonprofits program; 14-18 month program then accreditation period of 3-6 months
  • Emerging Leader Program: new program slated to begin in Jan 2012; designed for those who aspire to either be the ED/CEO or Deputy Director of a NPO; 10 month program with how to practical applications along with key leadership discussions
  • NPO Resource Library: new service to be introduced in Oct 2012; robust resource center for NPO leaders with research, articles, how to’s and webinars; one-stop info center
  • Affinity Program: a cost savings program for NPOs that includes commercial insurance; health care insurance; special discounted rates on travel; auto rental; office supplies, along with other savings.

Public Policy

  • Congressional Briefing: annual meeting with congressional leaders regarding issues facing NPOs in WA State; present annual Economic Impact Report; hosted each August during congressional recess
  • Issue Forums/Candidate Debates: host issue discussions with presenters from various positions; in partnership with other associations host candidate forum/debates
  • Nonprofit Day in Olympia: Annually meet with leaders inOlympia for a day sharing key legislative issues impacting the sector
  • Public Policy Update: produce bi-monthly Policy Update engaging NPO leaders in the current issues and suggesting action
  • Leader Advocacy Program: new program slated to begin in Nov 2011; designed to inform and educate NPO leaders on effective and impactful 4-month advocacy program for their own organizations and the sector

Voice & Position

  • WA State Nonprofit Economic Impact Report: annual survey WA State NPOs; 550-750 respondents to 75 questions on their organizations and external impact on them. Report shared with all electeds; interested organizations and people.
  • WA State Nonprofit Benefits Report: produce annual report from information collected from NPOs regarding the benefits & compensation they offer their employees and board.