Palm Beach Civic Association

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139 N. County Road
Palm Beach
United States

About Us

Founded in 1944, the Palm Beach Civic Association is a grassroots volunteer organization of civic-minded individuals dedicated to protecting and enhancing the special quality of life in Palm Beach, · encouraging residents to take an active interest in town affairs, · promoting political responsibility through education and advocacy of public policy, · supporting local government in its efforts to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of governmental services.

Our goal is to encourage informed residents to participate in Town affairs, thereby encouraging local government that is responsive and accountable to residents needs. We seek to address long-term strategic challenges to our quality of life at every level of government: Town, county, state and federal.

To implement our mission and goals, the Civic Association draws on the skills and experience of its members as well as those of recognized experts: · follow all Town Council meetings, · study issues of community concern, · work to educate residents through public forums, meetings, surveys and publications, · serve as an available resource for Town officials in assisting them in their decision-making on major issues.

The Civic Association is nonpartisan. We sponsor candidate debates, but do not support or oppose any candidate for public office. We take positions on selected local governmental issues, but strive to work in a cooperative and constructive spirit with other civic and public organizations as well as with our Town’s public officials.