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Action is needed to move Ohio forward and promote the well-being of our communities and their residents. By investing in our families, communities, natural resources, and existing assets, we all share the potential to guide our state to renewed prosperity. The following principles must guide Ohio policymakers as they build a budget aimed at a better Ohio for all.

Balanced Approach.

In critical areas, resources are falling far short of ever-increasing needs. Long-term funding and revenue solutions must be included instead of relying only on cuts to services and efficiencies. Ohio should invest fully in education, public safety, social services, and other areas that affect families and communities. History tells us that a balanced approach to meeting a crisis paves a faster and more sustainable path to recovery. A cuts-only strategy will damage Ohio's economy and poorly position the state when prosperity returns.

Productive, stable, revenue solutions that reflect today's economy.

We must reform our eroded revenue system so Ohio can meet current and future needs. Further, our system must be adequate and equitable. First, revenue must grow with the economy to meet the needs of our communities and their residents. Second, all businesses and individuals must pay their fair share. Third, our system must be able to sustain the state through economic ups and downs. Rather than tinkering or temporary changes, our state needs a 21st century revenue system for our 21st century economy.

Building on sound and sustainable public investments.

We must develop new and strategic investments in the services, infrastructure, and natural resources that drive economic growth. This will not only help us weather the current economic storm, but will also ensure our long-term prosperity.

Address the immediate crisis and plan for the future.

We must address our current challenges. Quick fixes will only postpone fundamental decisions. As Ohio's policymakers consider additional budget cuts and efficiencies, they must also consider revenue increases for both the short and long term. We must ensure we position our state for a prosperous and competitive future.

Ohio faces an unprecedented challenge when it comes to meeting growing needs in a time of economic crisis. The national recession and continued state tax cuts have caused the collapse of state revenues. As a result, Ohio doesn't have the sufficient resources to provide essential services and invest in what matters most and is most vital to its future. State leaders have already made severe cuts to services just at the time when communities and families need them most.

Now is the time to stand as one Ohio and take action to ensure we have quality public schools, safe roads and bridges, protected communities, affordable health care, and a clean environment to meet today's needs, restore economic prosperity and prepare our state for the future.

This is why One Ohio Now calls on state leaders to address the crisis with a balanced approach that includes revenues instead of relying solely on cuts. A cuts-only approach fails our families, harms our economy and threatens our future.

A balanced approach means supporting lasting solutions that meet the state's needs, promote jobs, and maintain the quality of life that Ohioans have come to expect and deserve.