I am a genuine Egyptian

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About Us

We are a group of friends who decided to give back to our community; to support girls to get access to higher education. Many of the group members got educational scholarships inside and outside Egypt to pursue their dreams and experienced personal and professional benefit of being lifelong learners. We do believe that giving back is one of our duties to our beloved country Egypt to support girls to have the same experience in fulfilling their dreams.

The “NOW” participants are the “TOMORROW” leaders of their initiative!

Our goal is to support Egyptian girls to have access to quality higher education. To build the girls’ capacity and leadership skills to be active citizens and agent of change in their communities.
The initiative aims to help underprivileged girls to fulfill their dream to get access to quality higher education. We select girls who finished grade 9 with grades that enable them to join secondary school. After grade 9, many disadvantaged families tend to send their girls to technical schools where they spend 3 years and graduate afterward. They do that because technical schools are not financially exhausted as secondary school and University. By that stage, many dreams fade away and vanish due to the financial status of their families. Our goal is to reawaken the dreams of those girls and help them to have an enlighten future.

  • My College Education Program: it was launched in September 2014 where we support girls in Secondary schools & University to continue their Education.
  • I am a Genuine Egyptian Program: Summer & Winter Educational Camps to build girls capacities and leadership skills, also, to reinforce the concepts of citizenship and how to be effective agents of change is their communities. Our first educational camp was held in September 2015 in Hurghada for 4 days for more details please explore this link:https://iamagenuineegyptian.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/our-first-camp-i-am-a-genuine-egyptian/
  • Group Quarterly Meetings & Reflection: Since September 2014, the team meets together regularly to discuss issues related to the different activities. It ‘s a learning meeting where we reflect on the past activities and plan for the coming ones; make necessary changes and  delegate responsibilities.