National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce

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Washington DC
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About Us

The National Puerto Rican Chamber of CommerceTM believes that entrepreneurship is the key to a strong, successful economy. Given our current economic condition it is now more important than ever to support the establishment, growth, and development of Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Women, and Minority-owned businesses.


Our Mission is to support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation for Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, Women, and other minorities throughout Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland by providing a comprehensive resource for incubating and growing business ideas as well as representing the interests of those businesses in our national government.

Why Now?

Across the U.S. unemployment has escalated to a level unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. Yet, unemployment amongst minorities is far worse. With unemployment in the U.S. at a lont-term, all-time high, unemployment for minorities is much higher. The people of Puerto Rico have had an economic downturn even more drastic, with unemployment rates reaching as high as 17%, imposing a devastating impact on the island’s economy.

With less business activity, jobs dwindle, families begin to struggle, needs rise, welfare increases, government budgets are strained resulting in increased tax-payer burdens, non-profits lose the funding they use to help those in need, economies falter, and people inevitably suffer. We have to stop this downward cycle before it’s too late. . .

Our society’s well-being depends upon private business innovation and job creation.