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About Us

Streetlights is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which, in 1992, started providing Job Training, followed by Job Placement and Career Advancement services for economically and socially disadvantaged young ethnic minorities.  Targeting underserved areas of Los Angeles County, our mission remains the same today--that of tapping into the well-paying Entertainment Industry workforce to create careers for this underrepresented population.  At the same time, we are increasing diversity by providing access to a previously closed Industry that is one of the largest employers in Southern California.

We believe jobs are the building blocks for a better life.  The long-term objective of Streetlights is creating careers behind-the-camera on Features, Television and TV Commercial production crews.  Families of our graduates are able to buy health insurance, purchase homes and focus on their children’s education, which in turn benefits the entire community.  The professional education and practical experience provided by Streetlights allow participants to achieve long-term economic growth and social parity for themselves and their families.

Streetlights’ goals are to:

·teach participants to compete and excel at jobs in today’s workplace

·increase access to employment for low income, marginalized individuals in the entertainment industry

·provide long-term careers as opposed to simply jobs

·enable parents to provide both financial and emotional support to their children

·provide the film industry with a skilled and motivated  talent pool

·eliminate dependence on public assistance

·assist graduates in gaining Union membership and therefore social and economic equality