Volunteer Reston

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About Us

Volunteer Reston is a network of community members who come together to complete various projects surrounding Reston, Virginia. Housed under the Reston Association, Volunteer Reston hosts efforts in hopes of bringing the Reston community closer, with camaraderie and stewardship.

Mission: To preserve and enhance the Reston community through outstanding leadership, services and stewardship of our resources.

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers play a critical role in helping Reston grow. Each year hundreds of volunteers donate thousands of hours to various programs, projects, committees and events to Reston Association. Whether you volunteer with us for an hour, month, six months or years, we hope your volunteer experience provide you with opportunities to engage in our community, learn new skills, meet your neighbors and have fun. Volunteer efforts and needs continue to grow with the community and for this our volunteers are greatly appreciated. 

How to apply:

Applications and other information can be found at http://www.reston.org/ under "About Reston Association" then the "Volunteer Opportunities" tab.

New volunteers (required): Fill out a volunteer application. Once complete, you will receive confirmation and instructions on how to start a VicNet account.

You can find the application(s) here:

Returning volunteers: Log into VicNet and register under the "My Schedule" tab. Click the "Help Wanted" boxes on the calendar to sign up.

Any questions or concerns:


To learn more about how you can get involved in Volunteer Reston, contact Ha Brock, Volunteer Reston Manager, via e-mail at habrock@reston.org or call 703-435-7986. Click here to download the Volunteer Reston brochure. 

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