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About Us

New Vision is a non-partisan research institute that develops ideas and public policies to provide all Americans with the foundation to pursue their dreams. Building such a foundation is the fundamental task of domestic policy, but anti-government sentiment, antiquated programs, and political timidity have inhibited the construction of this crucial springboard. New Vision seeks to confront this problem in the short term by developing creative and politically viable proposals, and in the long term by articulating broader policy visions that reframe public debate. We believe that creating opportunities and ensuring freedoms for all are shared commitments. We also believe that the appropriate means for achieving these ends are best defined by the particulars of the issue, not by dogmatic reliance on private markets or government programs. Our problem-directed, research-informed, and solution-oriented approach to public policy seeks to identify fair, effective, and efficient mechanisms for empowering all Americans.

Our vision is one shared by the vast majority of Americans: a society offering every individual the opportunity and freedom to attain their goals. To realize this society, we need:

•Quality education systems that promote opportunity; •Robust local and national economies with high-quality jobs for all who seek them; •A support system that provides security in health, housing, income, and retirement; •Institutions that help us balance the demands of work and family; and •The freedom and protections necessary to fulfill our goals, regardless of arbitrary personal attributes.

New Vision distinctive combination of rigorous analysis, pragmatic political awareness, and a clear positive vision provides a fresh approach to policy that advances America’s promise of opportunity and freedom for all.