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About Us

Our purpose is to connect people with disabilities and the the individuals that support them to the resources, organizations, and information that can help them in their hometown. We believe that by centralizing all of these resources and information in one place we will be able to drastically improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in New York.

Ability List Inc. will provide the following services to help people with disabilities become more connected with the available opportunities in their hometown:

1. A “one-stop-shop” directory where people with disabilities can easily find all of the available resources (housing, jobs etc.), organizations (non-profits) and programs (activities, events etc.) available to them in their hometown.

2. We will make finding disability resources easier by helping users signup for automatic updates that will send our users updates about relevant items that are posted on the Ability List Inc. website. These automatic updates will funnel directly to users email accounts.

3. We will maintain an inspirational blog and newsletter that will focus on the positive and inspiring stories about disability and overcoming obstacles. We will be a central hub for positive media and stories on people with disabilities and the community with the intention of bringing positive attention to the disability community.