Open Source Ecology USA


United States

About Us

We are a working farm and research center. This is an invitation to adventurous people to join our creative community of two. OSE is in the humble beginnings of our experiments, so be ready with initiative and an open mind. Our greater mission is right livelihood and economic transformation via open source economic development.

The following is a list of some of our ongoing activities:


  • Fruit tree nursery
  • Year-round hydroponic greenhouse
  • Market garden
  • Animal husbandry and Forestry


  • Vegetable oil-powered electricity generation
  • Combined heat and electrical power with wood and oil heat
  • Solar concentrator heat


  • Biodiesel production
  • Fuel alcohol production from onsite crops
  • OSCar collaboration (


  • Compressed Earth Block Press (3-5 bricks/minute)
  • Portable sawmill
  • Yurt and earthbag construction


  • Appropriate farm equipment
  • Open source product development
  • Open source computing

Living conditions are almost impossible to describe as they are always improving from the bare-bone basics of the beginning to the more convient and comfortable accommodations. Although still considered a rustic lifestyle by modern standards, we do have high-speed wireless internet and off-grid electricity. We are located one hour north of Kansas City, and we are one mile from a town of 1000. We have a vegetable-oil powered Suburban.

We are currently developing products and connections with area markets and we invite participants to help. You may earn what you produce from your initiative. Accommodations and home grown food will be supplied as part of a working exchange. We want participants to spend most of their time in experimenting with what really works, economically speaking, to create a new society based on land stewardship and open source economic development.

Contact Brittany or Marcin for more details on our goals and the possibility of joining our efforts!