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Finding information related to your condition can become overwhelming and exhausting. An illness can not only be physically taxing but also be mentally and emotionally draining.

What if there was one online space where you could post your questions and not only get answers but, also gather all the pertaining information?

Human Health Project aims to be that online space.

Finding out everything from everyone about your condition

Human Health Project’s (HHP) service will allow an individual to post his or her conditions and questions on a HHP profile that he/she will set up. The individual can manage the degree of privacy. HHP will then connect the profile to social media networks, potentially collecting anything that anyone, anywhere, knows about these conditions and questions through a type of crowdsourcing of diagnoses and questions using what is known as the "wisdom of crowds."

Collecting information about conditions on HHP

All information received in relation to each condition or question will be added to the individual’s profile. The information will also be added to a profile that HHP will establish for each condition. This includes outcomes data (what helped the condition) which will be accumulated in the HHP knowledge database, along with all relevant publications received. Whenever information has been added to an individual’s profile, HHP will send an Email notice to the individual to encourage logging into the individual’s HHP profile to view the updates.

Latest Listings

COO- Chief Operating Officer (Volunteer Opportunity)

HHP Program VP/Director (Volunteer Opportunity)

Graphic Designer- volunteer position at HHP (Volunteer Opportunity)

CDO - Chief Development Officer (Volunteer Opportunity)

Marketing Administrator (Volunteer Opportunity)

VP/Director Public Relations- volunteer position at HHP (Volunteer Opportunity)

HHP Major Gifts Officer - volunteer position (Volunteer Opportunity)

Director of Development - Fund raising - volunteer position at HHP (Volunteer Opportunity)

Director of Business Development - volunteer position at HHP (Volunteer Opportunity)

Director of Business Development - volunteer position at HHP (Volunteer Opportunity)