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About Us

Asosiacion Civil "Alpa Vida ONG" was born with the mission of generating productive employment, the directors have proved experience in the generation of employment, based on their great experience in the field of productive development and marketing, and at present they involve actively in projects dedicated to the generating of productive employment. This based on the severe economical recession and high number of unemployment in the Macro region South of Peru, at present the highest number of unemployment in the country reaching an order of aprox 20%.

A lot of families se no opportunity of obtaining a permanent productive employment, especially the families living in extreme poverty, and included in this category the woman, handicapped and persons with an advanced age. They all have a total lack of possibilities of generating an income to be able to meet the basic necessities like alimentation, risking their life, health and the education of their children. This Project will show the way of lowering the level of unemployment and sub employment in the Macro Region South of Peru, through the generation of productive employment, to achieve this we have designed and implemented activities in close coordination wit the beneficiaries to promote the generation of productive employment.

The main objective of this project is to generate productive employment, to reduce the level of unemployment and sub employment in the Macro region South of Peru, the same that will put emphasis on the personal development of the person, achieving this by the active participation by the members of the foundation. The project, by being a realistic answer to the problem of generating productive employment, will turn out to be a model to follow in the field of generating employment in other economical sectors, regions and institutions. The goal for the first three years of the project is to generate productive and permanent employment to 597 persons, benefiting a total of 3500 persons in the region, converting the generation of productive employment into the spring board of opportunity, so that the poorest population of Peru, may get out of this situation permanently. The main activity to be able to achieve this, is the implementation of a factory dedicated to the manufacturing of textiles and garments, permanently capacitating the staff to achieve their personal development, create an department of sales and marketing for the end product to secure the sale of our products and in consequence the continuity of the project for unlimited time as a auto sustained foundation. We will also promote the installation of micro enterprises dedicated to Exportation through the port of Matarani of products like Art work, Agricultural Products and products based on the fishing industry, the genetic improvement of the Alpaca and the development of our cooperation department for productive development.

If there are any organizations out there that could Identify with our goals and would like to help us with the financing of this project please contact us as soon as posible, the poor in our region are all waiting anciously for us to start up our production on a larger scale.