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About Us

The Ripple Effect (T.R.E.) is a 501c3 secular grassroots charity, working in the Ixil area of Guatemala, at a remote permaculture farm in Chel, Quiché. T.R.E. has been working holistically with the Ixil Mayan people for 12 years. Our farm is called Ixil Eden, and it consists of 10 acres of pristine land in the cloud forest. Our farm also serves as a training center where we teach local people about farming and animal husbandry practices for increased food security. We work on family gardens (over 500), compost and soil management, building chicken coups, maintaining a nursery to provide healthy seedlings, raising tilapia, natural medicine, and teaching effective permaculture practices. Other projects include installation of vented stoves, village water systems, distribution of water filters and solar lamps, nutrition education, and aid to widows.