Zanzibar Animals Affection Society

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Kianga, Zanzibar


About Us

The Zanzibar Animals Affection Society (ZAASO) is a community-based registered non-profit organisation that provides shelter, adoption, foster care, rescue, and medical treatment and services to animals in need. ZAASO also works towards the prevention of maltreatment towards animals through building animal protection legislature in collaboration with the government, and providing education on rightful and humane animal treatment to the local community. We are based in Kianga, Zanzibar, located in Tanzania in East Africa.

Our primary goals are rescuing animals in need, investigating animal cruelty reports, and pursuing changes in animal protection legislation. The animals we rescue are brought to the shelter, are thoroughly examined by our veterinarian and given necessary treatments and vaccinations. At any given moment we have several old, sick, and sometimes seriously hurt donkeys, dogs, cats, cows and other animals.We also host free clinics for the community whose livelihood is dependant upon their animals.