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About Us

Cultural Canvas Thailand is a median between individuals seeking volunteer opportunities here in Thailand and the local humanitarian organizations in Chiang Mai that are in need of assistance. Generally, we receive applications from people around the world and try to match each individual’s skill set to suit the organization’s needs and expectations, so that both the volunteer and the organization get the most out of the experience. We offer placements (volunteering or internships) in the following areas: Burmese education, English teaching, hill tribe education, single mothers’ empowerment, hill tribe education, assistance with mentally and physically disabled children and adults, LGBTQ rights and HIV outreach, and street dog rescue.

We have also developed our own program, Art Relief International. ARI serves a variety of different focus groups, including Burmese refugees, the indigenous hill-tribe groups, single mothers, and children with disabilities. Through fun and therapeutic art workshops we help these groups communicate and heal after the traumatic events they have experienced.

You can visit our volunteer blog at as well as our websites at and If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email at