Nepal NGO Society

About Us

Nepal NGO Society is a national level non-profit making, Non-governmental organization (NGO). It aims at building up more concern from the International Community in the development of Nepal. Being one of the poorest nations in the world gripped in the decade long conflict and insurgency, Nepal is in need of friends both inside and outside who can contribute to our pursuit of peaceful and developed nation. Nepal NGO Society aims at building a forum for such interested and benevolent people from around the world who would like to contribute in their own ways.

It seeks support from various national agencies, individuals, governmental and non-governmental donors to extend their support to fight for humanitarian cause aimed at boosting the living status of more needy and poor people.

Nepal is a land locked country situated in the lap of Himalayan range. Inheriting vast diversity in geography and ethnicity it has locked by China from the north and India from east, south and west. It is the fifth largest country among the member of South Asia Association for Regional Co-corporation (SAARC). Nepal is one of the poor nations in the world. Nepal has been facing such major problems like lack of internal financial resources, rapid population growth, illiteracy, poor health and sanitation facilities, shortage of clean and safe drinking water and even unaware on environment change and global warming etc. In this context, human development is a very big challenge for a non-governmental organization (NGOs) of Nepal.

Nepal NGO Society is established to meet the growing challenges of Nepal's development through the initiation of non-government sectors and means. Presently, there are hundreds of NGOs and INGOs working in various fields in Nepal. Though there past initiations were not satisfactory but there is still a hope of success through innovation or development of effective strategies or programs. Thus Nepal NGO Society established to work as a NGO consortium for coordination among NGOs, INGOs and donor, capacity building and program management and planning.


- To focus on basic social and economical problems in grassroots level of the poor people of Nepal. - To facilitate information system between local Nepalese NGOs and international NGOs/donors. - To coordinate Nepalese NGOs, INGOs and donor in their efforts to implement their programs, in priority basis for sustainable development of Nepal.