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About Us

More than Music ...Songs for the Soul, Hope for the Hurting…

OUR MISSION is to Revolutionize the culture at large, one heart at a time until everyone on earth knows and lives the love that is in Jesus Christ.

In the past five years, More than Music has produced over 75 free concerts in correctional and treatment facilities, has supported social service ministries through benefit concerts; raising over $60,000 net for worthy causes since 2010, and has served as an independent sending agency for like-hearted musicians, artists and missions projects. Through this work, and our shared art and multimedia, ministries have been strengthened, millions have heard the message of hope and forgiveness, and lives have been transformed by Christ.


1. Benefit Concerts - funding, planning, promoting, and producing a successful benefit concert for partner nonprofits; raising over $60,000 for other worthy causes just since 2010.

Those numbers are set to increase exponentially. So far we have raised money for existing, reputable juvenile detention center ministries, for battered women's shelters, for nonprofits that help women and their children escape the bondage of human trafficking, and more.

2. Juvenile Detention Center Ministry - producing concerts, and distributing free Bibles and CDs to 2,000 incarcerated youth in the past 2 years.

Now MtM is working to plant Christ-based mentoring programs in the 1,280 juvenile detention centers across the country. The Toy Soldier 1280 program is More than Music's viable, attainable plan to plant all of these mentoring programs. In the first five years alone, MtM plans to see 36 Christ-based mentoring programs planted; enabling mentors to reach more than 26,000 young people with a transforming message of hope and healing.


Did you know? 80% of juvenile offenders are from fatherless homes.

·55% have been abused and/or neglected as children

·75% of sex offenders have themselves been victims of sexual abuse

·95% of teenage prostitutes have been victims of sexual abuse

·50% have family members who had been incarcerated In the past.

3. Sending Agency - supporting and serving musicians, artists, and missions, enabling social service projects that care for widows and orphans.

More than Music has served as a sending agency for valuable missions projects in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Fiji, Mongolia, India and more, and we have enabled musicians and artists in the UK, the US, and Haiti. Our music artists have had inspiring, uplifting music played on more than 1,000 radio stations in 30 countries, and have had messages broadcasted through TV networks around the world. Millions have been inspired through this work.