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About Us

Real Food Media has been responding to the needs of the food movement for powerful communications and effective narrative building about food, farming and sustainability since 2012. Real Food Media focuses on several core programs, including an international short films competition, a mythbusting resource center, popular education and partnerships with allied organizations. Through our network of advisors, partners and followers, Real Food Media catalyzes communities to question the dominant narratives about industrial agriculture and see the real potential of sustainable food systems.

The Project’s mission is to change the narrative about food, elevating the story of sustainable farming, farmers and food workers, while exposing the true costs of industrial agriculture. The ultimate outcome is to motivate more people to not only change how they think about the food they eat, but how they think about the role they can play in shaping the system that determines what food is available to them and how it’s produced. Through our work, the Project inspires, educates and grows the movement for sustainable food and farming.

In a communications context where the food industry spends millions on marketing and public relations, Real Food Media works to combat this misinformation by being a clear and synthesizing voice for the sustainable food movement, popularizing complex ideas and policy for a general audience.