Sustainable Society

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303 Twin Dolphin Drive
6th Floor
Redwood City
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About Us

Sustainable Society is a knowledge sharing organization. We promote the goal of sustainable ecosystems through collaborative education and scientific research to encourage innovation, improve human resources, benefit the environment, and establish international coalition. Our ultimate goal is to fight global warming, revive compassion in humanity, and to protect our precious Mother Earth.

Our annual SVTIC event is a community gathering of government officials, university researchers, and industrial leaders, to discuss current challenges and brainstorm various long-term solutions to elevate our society from its existing infrastructure. It is also a community celebration to recognize and award individuals, businesses, charities, and organizations for their distinguished leadership and achievements in our society.

Through our monthly video presentations, we keep track of the progress on the scorecards from the SVTIC event and present various collaborative training programs with our corporate partners to proactively prepare the next generation of workforce.

We also facilitate various types of scientific research with strategic partners in Silicon Valley, with our joint efforts to fight global warming and improve the healthcare system.