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About Us

Solidaridad invented fair trade coffee. Then we changed the banana market forever by introducing the first sustainable banana brand in the world. Next Solidaridad initiated Made BY, in London, to promote sustainable fashion. Today, Solidaridad is an international organization with more than 45 years of experience in creating fair and sustainable supply chains from producer to consumer. We believe that fair and sustainable trade is a powerful catalyst to reduce poverty, build communities and protect the environment. Solidaridad is a network of regional affiliate offices worldwide. We partner with companies, financial institutions, investors and other NGOs to develop supply chains with added value that enable producers, such as farmers, particularly smallholders, and (artisanal) miners, to lift themselves out of poverty. We also foster support among the general public and consumers by building awareness of the opportunities that sustainable trade offers.

 Solidaridad North America is the regional office, for the USA and Canada, of the Solidaridad Network and is a USA 501(c)(3) corporation. Solidaridad operates through 9 regional offices on 5 continents, with a combined staff of more than 400. To learn more about Solidaridad, please see:  and our annual report at: