Marin City Community Development Corporation

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441 Drake Avenue
Marin City
United States

About Us


The Marin City Community Development Corporation (MCCDC) has over 37 years of expertise providing job training and referral, youth development, housing programs, and other asset building services. The organization has also helped to expand Marin City’s residents to own, manage, and operate their own businesses. MCCDC is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status, recognized as a leading institution in Marin City and within the County of Marin. The Mission of MCCDC is to empower and improve the quality of life of Marin City residents by implementing comprehensive income and asset development programs, and to preserve its diverse culture. The Marin City Community Development Corporation is committed to increasing the earnings and skills of unemployed or underemployed residents of Marin County. MCCDC efforts ensure that its clients are connected to viable careers. MCCDC works in partnership with workforce agencies, businesses, and educational institutions, to increase the opportunity for skills in demand industries that provide career track employment.