Center for International Studies and Cooperation

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3185, Rachel Street East
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About Us

Founded in 1958, CECI has evolved into one of the largest and most respected Canadian NGOs working in international co-operation. It’s mission is to fight poverty and exclusion. It materialises this by strengthening the development capacity of disadvantaged communities, supporting initiatives for peace, and promoting human rights and equity. It mobilises both human and financial resources and promotes the exchange of knowledge.

CECI has acquired extensive expertise in the field of development project planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. CECI’s three development priorities are: broad-based economic development, social development and reconstruction, and human rights and democratic development. CECI has broad institutional experience in: community-based economic development, agricultural planning and marketing, micro-finance services, participatory approaches to project planning and implementation, decentralisation of services to communities, natural resource management, support for the defence and promotion of human rights and democratic development, education and capacity-building for health and nutrition, institutional strengthening of community based organisations, co-operatives, NGOs, government officials and entrepreneurs as well as other sectors related to sustainable social and economic development.