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About Us

The German Foundation for World Population (DSW) is an international development organization founded in 1991 as a private non-profit foundation by two entrepreneurs from Hannover. Besides the Head Office in Hannover, DSW also Country Offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, an EU Liaison Office in Brussels and close ongoing partnerships in the following focal countries: Burkina Faso, India, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, and Rwanda. .

DSW is politically and religiously independent. We rely on private donations and financial support from other organisations, foundations and agencies to carry out our project work.

DSW’s main goal is to help people free themselves from poverty. For this purpose we support family planning and sexual and reproductive health projects in Africa and Asia. Our premise is simple: only if people are able to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS do they have the chance to lead a healthier and better life. In this respect reaching young people is key. Young people are the parents of tomorrow and crucial to the development of their country. Investing in their health means investing in a better future.