Wisconsin Association of Lakes

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About Us

Wisconsin Association of Lakes (WAL) is the only statewide nonprofit organization working exclusively to protect and enhance the quality of Wisconsin's 15,000 lakes. WAL’s members include lake districts, lake associations, individual citizens, and businesses who enjoy Wisconsin's lakes and are interested in preserving the opportunities that keep attracting us to the water.

We carry out our mission— clean, safe, healthy lakes for everyone— by providing lake education opportunities and serving as an advocate for sound lake related policy. Specifically, we:

  • Assist lake groups and lake users in their efforts to carry out our mission,
  • Help local leaders manage and restore lakes and their watersheds,
  • Provide a unified voice for public policy that will protect and preserve lakes, and
  • Advance public knowledge of lakes, their watersheds and ecosystems.

WAL’s goals include:

  • Developing a network of informed lake citizens with the know-how and motivation to become highly active in statewide lake issues.
  • Helping communities build a set of common goals, and create local partnerships to implement lake protection programs.
  • Developing a strong base of lake organizations active in local and county government decision-making.