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Mission: To facilitate research in comparative and international education development.

"Edument for Education Development": Have you ever wondered what classrooms in foreign education systems look like? What materials and resources are available to students? What subjects are taught and how curriculum is implemented? What is expected of students and teachers in various settings? In what areas do students in certain education systems excel and why? Or how education impacts or is impacted by the local or regional economy, political climate, and cultural system? facilitates research in comparative and international education development. We provide a medium for educators, researchers, policy-makers, and other stakeholders to examine international education systems, divergent conceptions of early childhood through secondary education, cross-cultural perspectives on teaching and learning, and comparative school settings, learning materials, and curriculums.

Material for Edument is collected from educators worldwide. Through studying essays, photography, interviews, visual art, videos, podcasts and other forms of media provided by the participation of our contributors, we can better comprehend the diversity of educational systems and reconcile often competing educational paradigms. In addition, through global collaboration and sharing, we may be able to enhance our own methodologies and views, and achieve a greater understanding of education’s role in cultural, socio-political, economic development.