INDEX: Design to Improve Life

About Us

INDEX: is a global non-profit network organization that focuses on Design to Improve Life – e.g. design that substantially improves important aspects of human life – worldwide.

Through a wide range of activities and events, INDEX: is the catalyst for Design to Improve Life: an organization that spurs public and professional awareness of the great – and too often unnoticed – human and commercial potential of Design to Improve Life.

INDEX: presents the best examples of Design to Improve Life, awards the very best and provides access to the underlying processes, thinking and people by: • AWARDING the biggest design award in the world, worth €500 000, for Design to Improve Life. (Five winning designs are each awarded €100 000.) • PRESENTING international design exhibitions displaying Design to Improve Life. • HOSTING summits for world leaders on design and innovation. • PUBLISHING and distributing knowledge about Design to Improve Life.

INDEX: AWARD is presented biannually, next time in 2009. Nomination for INDEX: 2009 will start August, 2008. Subscribe to INDEX: Newsletter for further details and exact dates.