Better Boys Foundation

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1512 South Pulaski Road
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About Us

BBF was founded in 1961 to improve the quality of life for North Lawndale area youth and their families. BBF works to fulfill that mission by providing youth with experiences that enhance their emotional, social, academic, and career development. Its vision is that every child - regardless of race, gender, family circumstances or socioeconomic background - will realize the power of his/her potential.

BBF believes in the Power of Potential and works to develop the promise of every child that walks through its doors through cutting-edge programming that "sets the bar" of innovation for youth programmin in the city of Chicago.

Serving some 200 children and youth (more than half of whom are now girls) each day, BBF concentrates its efforts in two major areas: out-of-school time programming, and scholarship and career guidance assistance. BBFʼs programs provide a scaffold within which children and youth ages five to 21 years can grow, flourish and ultimately succeed outside of the supporting structure we provide--in school, in their careers and in their personal lives.