Prairie Oaks Institute

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1200 West South Street
Belle Plaine
United States

About Us

Vision: To be a catalyst of rejuvenation for people and the planet.

Mission: To cultivate ways of living and leading that affirm the interdependence of all living things and connect self, spirit, community and earth for a resilient, renewed future.

It’s important in times like these to stay informed, grounded, and whole. That’s what Prairie Oaks Institute is all about. We’re a place of quiet rest—and stimulating ideas. A place to reconnect with the earth, with others, with the sacred and with ourselves. Our programs and resources are about connections among the three “circles of focus.”

Ecology & Sustainability is about environmental stewardship. Prairie Oaks provides opportunities to learn about: Prairie restoration Regenerative land-stewardship practices o Organic farming o Food production Innovative ways for simple, sustainable, low-impact living

Retreat & Renewal in a special place where individuals, families, groups and organizations can slow down, take deep breaths, and restore the spirit:

Harvest House o Sleeps up to 10 people o Meeting spaces o Full kitchen o Outdoor fire circle o Wheel-chair accessible The Farmhouse o Soon to sleep up to 15 people o Meeting spaces o Full kitchen The Granary o 3-season recreational enclave o Amid native & restored prairies

Education & Leadership Development to foster expansive imagination, bold thinking, sound leadership, and wise action for the common good:

Workshops Thought-Leader gatherings Retreats Book & film discussions Field trips for all ages

As these circles of focus intersect, it’s about exploring the inner and outer landscapes of our lives. It’s about reconnecting soul and role, to live, work and lead from within for the sake of the common good.

Prairie Oaks Institute is a unique place…a conversation…an experience…a vision.