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About Us

WorkingAbroad Projects is a not-for-profit organisation, established in March 2002, in order to provide small scale organisations with need-based support from volunteers. The main areas of focus are: wildlife and habitat conservation, environmental education and management, permaculture and organic agriculture and cultural development. We offer volunteer opportunities all throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe and North America for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

Latest Listings

Dolphin Research Project, Namibia (Internship)

Galena Creek Visitor Center Naturalist Internship, Nevada (Internship)

Oregon Nature Conservancy Programme, USA (Internship)

Cape Fear River Watch Conservation Internship, USA (Internship)

Volunteer & Learn Spanish in Peru (Volunteer Opportunity)

Elephant Sanctuary Volunteer Project, Cambodia (Volunteer Opportunity)

Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Programme in Indonesia (Volunteer Opportunity)

Whale and Dolphin Volunteer Conservation, Hebrides (Volunteer Opportunity)

Dolphin & Whale Research, South Africa (Volunteer Opportunity)

Dolphin Research Volunteer Project, Greece (Volunteer Opportunity)