European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants

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About Us

EFCNI provides a platform for all those involved in pregnancy and childbirth.

All these stakeholders have different challenges and expectations. Therefore, EFCNI provides national parents’ organisations, international healthcare societies, researchers and private sector organisations with relevant information and tailored support services.

Establishing a Powerful Network

EFCNI aims to provide high-quality, targeted and effective maternal and newborn care, as well as continuing care by:

  • Supporting national parents’ organisations
  • Fostering information exchange and best practice sharing across national borders
  • Partnering with parents, healthcare professionals, policy-makers, stakeholders, international and private sector organisations
Implementing High-Quality Treatment and Care

EFCNI aims to reduce preterm birth rates by:

  • Improved education and training for healthcare providers and researchers
  • Providing easy-to-understand and widely accessible information for those involved
  • Promoting research and providing research support from the patient‘s perspective to improve prevention, treatment and care, as well as as outcomes
  • Enabling social and financial support for the families concerned
  • Facilitating medical, psychological and socio-pedagogical support for parents concerned
Generating Public Awareness

EFCNI aims to increase public awareness concerning maternal and newborn health and continuing care by:

  • Constructive dialogue with political decision-makers and opinion-leaders
  • Intensive exchange with healthcare professionals
  • Providing a platform for discussion on ethical issues on preterm birth, its prevention, the best possible treatment and care of preterm and newborn infants and effective continuing care
  • Targeted public relations and media work, e.g. as co-founder of World Prematurity Day or leader of various campaigns