Church of the Village

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201 W. 13th St.
New York
United States

About Us

The Mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We are living into the Spirit's call to create a new ministry in the Village. We celebrate God in two multicultural worship experiences where English and Spanish are predominantly spoken. Our mission is to share our faith in Christ, to reach out with compassion and understanding to all God's children, to carry out God's will in transforming our community and the world and to build a deeper relationship with God through prayer, worship, study, and action.

We consider ourselves a Progressive, Reconciling Church,

defined by these principles:

  • We are not bound by tradition in the way we worship and show our gratitude to God
  • We not only accept, but celebrate, human diversity, being radically inclusive in welcoming people of every color, nationality, sexual orientation and economic status
  • We believe in social justice and support advocacy for the poor and any who are oppressed
  • We strongly support environmental stewardship of the Earth
  • We maintain a deep belief in the instruction to "love one another," made clear in the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • We are also accepting of the fact that many roads lead to God, so we are respectful of all spiritual paths
  • We live out these beliefs with spiritual vitality, believing that our church flourishes with many points of view, opportunities for creative expression, and lively, participatory worship services
  • We are open-minded, to be sure, but we also strive to be open-hearted, and be a true haven of acceptance for those who find their way through our open doors.