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About Us

CHILDREN'S CHARITY ONLUS was founded in Milan, Italy (E.U.) in 1999, and is registered as a non-profit organization for social welfare (organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale – onlus).

Children's Charity is a private, non-denominational and independent organization, based solely on volunteering work: 100 % of each donation received is given to our relief projects. All administration and travel costs are paid for privately!

Children's Charity's mission is to help socially disadvantaged and desperately needy children in the poor and developing countries. The organization attend as well at their families and communities, in order to create the conditions for the personal and social development of every child.

Children's Charity supports and executes relief projects with focus on:

  • Food, shelter and clothing
  • Health, hygiene and medical care
  • Alphabetization, school education for children; instruction and vocational training for young people
  • Special attention to marginalized young women and mothers
  • Professional development in rural areas for marginalized ethnic groups.

The majority of the relief projects are situated in the Highlands of GUATEMALA/Central America. Our main projects are:

In Chocantariy (Momostenango/Totonicapán), one of the very rural and very poor parts of the country, Children's Charity's concrete way to improve alphabetization is to constructing school buildings and to offer free primary education to every kid. Actually, at Chocantariy's school there are more than 450 children of extremely poor families. Furthermore, these kids are given the opportunity of bilingual learning (Spanish and K'iche') cultivating their own Mayan language and culture. Please, take a look at the videos on YOUTUBE:

Further educational programs offered by Children's Charity are: Computer lab - Music lessons - Arts - Cultivation of vegetables.

Our organization provides food, shelter and clothing to the kids of "Las Nubes", a day care center in Acatenango and furthermore to many of the poorest families of Los Cipreses (Momostenango) by the godchild sponsorship program.

In Ciudad Vieja Children's Charity operates in collaboration with AMA, a local grassroot organization, to provide free medical care to infants and children, together to their mothers.

One of our particular aims is to promote music as an aid to the educational and general development of children. Music therapy will be also helpful for children with occurrences of physical and mental discomfort.

In Italy, Children's Charity offers special educational programs to schools and libraries, in order to provide knowledge and better understanding of peoples and different cultures and to educate to tolerance and solidarity since early age.

Our organization mainly finances its relief projects through private donations and those of fellow non-profit societies.

Every supporter of Children's Charity Onlus is guaranteed transparent and coherent information about the organisation's activities.

You can contact us in Italy (E.U.) at:

Children's Charity Onlus

Legal HQ: I – 20122 Milan MI, Corso di Porta Vittoria 18

OPERATIONAL HQ/OFFICE: I – 26016 Spino d’Adda CR Via Ponchielli 3

Tel.(also telefax and voicemail): +390373 965213


We would be delighted to talk to you about our work.