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About Us

Baton Rouge University Preparatory Elementary School (“UP Elementary”) prepares students in kindergarten through grade five to succeed in middle school, high school, and college. Determined to close the achievement gap of students in Baton Rouge, and dedicated to the philosophy that college starts in kindergarten, UP Elementary brings our mission to life by providing a purposeful learning environment driven by a high expectations culture, best practice instructional strategies, and great human capital.

Our goal is break the cycle of educational under-attainment in Baton Rouge and to change the trajectory of our students’ lives by creating what increasing numbers of education reformers refer to as a “new normal” of college ready and college bound graduates in our poorest communities. If a child is to ever be in the position to exercise the choice for college and the ability to succeed there, that road to college must begin in kindergarten. In the long-term, UP Elementary proposes to be part of the larger solution to increase the percentage of college graduates in our target community. In the short-term, we seek to provide a high quality K-5 educational option for families in North Baton Rouge. Our long term vision is that 100% of students that matriculate from UP Elementary are prepared for demanding middle schools, firmly on the road to high school and college, and that they and their families are excited, prepared, and ambitious for the opportunities that all future learning can provide. Our vision is to produce students with the literacy and math skills to open every classroom door, and the character to tackle the academic work and life challenges that lie ahead.

Opening in 2014 with 108 kindergarten students and growing one grade per year, we will reach full grade span of K-5 and maximum student capacity of 648 in 2020.