The Soul Project

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Fairfax Station
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About Us

Azul Surf Club aims to be the premier destination in Central America for socially conscious travelers. Our mission is for the hotel to be a catalyst for enabling the people in the local community to improve their futures. The Soul Project is the non-profit organization that the hotel started to fund the work we do in the community. Monthly contributions are made to keep working toward achieving our mission.

The Soul Project’s two areas of focus in the local community are:

1) Expanding educational opportunities for children

2) Providing opportunities for growth within the community

The Soul Project currently has the following efforts underway:

  • Construction projects throughout the community to meet various educational needs: Build a high school in El Cuco, construction of a bridge to the elementary school in Tempiscal, upcoming project include construction of a kitchen at a school in Majague and construction of additional classrooms at high school in La Ventana.
  • Every Saturday we feed children who are attending high school classes at the local school.
  • We want to enable more high school graduates to continue their education to provide them with more marketable professional skills so we are working with the new school to provide attendees with hands on experience.
  • We are working to ensure that every school in the area has at least one computer per 25 students and that teachers are trained appropriately.
  • To help raise self-esteem and keep kids out of trouble and in school we sponsor two soccer teams.
  • The government just started providing children with basic school supplies, but still not enough for the whole year. We purchase pencils, notebooks, crayons and rulers so that students have the tools they need to be fully engaged in learning.