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About Us

Mission: We are a community that respects human dignity and creatively transforms itself into a restaurative space through the pedagodic education of learning through doing, based on non-violence, spirituality, solidarity, dialogue, democracy. and respect towards the environment, seeking to generate wealth through the integral development of people so that they can contribute to a more just and happy society.

We envision ourselves as a sustainable community that serves as an inspiration, model, and support system for other communities enabling them to live a sustainable life through new forms of integration and mutual work that marks a new path to overcome ignorance, inequity, poverty and hunger.

The Association Sewing Seeds of Peace (Asociación Sembrando Semillas De Paz) –Sembrandopaz– is a nonprofit civil entity, legally founded in 2005, but with an accumulation of about twenty years of social work from the legacy left by JUSTAPAZ. It was registered on July 15, 2005. The mission of Sembrandopaz is to facilitate the construction of values of a culture of peace through the conformation and consolidation of grassroots organizations, with the goal of supported processes of integral sustainable human development within the populations of the Caribbean region in Colombia. Sembrandopaz has experience working in the areas of education, government and civil society, prevention and resolution of conflicts, peace and security, agricultural development and alternative agriculture, tourism, general protection of the environment, food security, humanitarian relief, support of grassroots organizations, generation of income for socio- economic integration, and the betterment of quality of life of vulnerable populations and those at social risk. Those who receive assistance are children, youth, women, displaced persons, vulnerable populations, indigenous population, afro-Colombian populations, local authorities, community organizations, victims of conflicts, peasant farmers, and churches.


Basic Info

Founded July 2005


Location Sincelejo, Sucre