PACIFIC-2000 (Association pour la Paix et l'Integration)



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About Us

PACIFIC-2000 (PAX-2000) is a not for profit young association for Peace, Integration and the General well being of the Community. Though our main medium to reach our goal is the information and sensitization of people on the benefits of Peace and the consequences of violence, we think that Peace building requires more other ways to do so. That is why PACIFIC-2000 has a multitude of areas of focus such as:

  • Youth and children issues(they are our primary target because they are the most fragile and tomorrow decision makers);
  • Women issues(a well sensitized and empowered woman is a well sensitized and strong family);
  • Fighting poverty by community development (essential because it is hard to build peace over poverty);
  • Education for all(it's the key to everything);
  • Democracy and voting(because we believe that there is no peace without democracy and freedom); ...etc.

Since its creation, PACIFIC-2000 has focused its attention and effort on a vast campaign against the proliferation(spreading) of small arms in Africa because we think that this phenomenon is the cause of all the violence, conflicts/wars around the world with the involvement of kids as soldiers. The small arms issue is so serious that the organization of the 16 countries of West Africa(ECOWAS)signed a very courageous political decision known as the MORATORIUM ON THE FABRICATION,IMPORT AND EXPORT OF SMALL ARMS. PACIFIC-2000 has been an echo of that moratorium by organizing information and sensitization campaigns towards the youth. That campaign, with a Norwegian funding and a technical assistance of the PCASED(a UN funded unit), has targeted senior high school students in Bamako, MALI. Another activity, not the least, was one of the conferences held in Bamako during the 2002 Presidential Campaign of Mali. The theme was: ELECTORAL PROCESS AND PEACE: ROLE AND IMPLICATION OF THE YOUTH. Faithful to its objectives, PACIFIC-2000 is planning more activities to spread the word of Peace throughout the world by the means of conferences, media-campaigns, publications,...etc.

ACTIONS TO COME: 1- An Africa-wide campaign against the use of CHILDREN SOLDIERS. 2- An Africa-wide campain to spread the Moratorium on the small arms. 3- Launching of the publication of a newsletter on the issues of "CHILDREN SOLDIERS" and "PEACE". 4- Lauching of the campaign SEEDS OF PEACE. 5- Creation of a Youth Center with clean activities. 6- Creation of a strong network of PEACE with all organizations willing to join us for our noble mission. 7- Lauching of the CARAVAN OF PEACE.

To implement those ambitious projects and programs, PACIFIC-2000 is opened for partnerships and sponsorships from around the world.