Workers Justice Project (WJP)

  • New York


365 Broadway
New York
United States

About Us

The Workers Justice Project (WJP) is a worker-led organization committed to empower immigrant workers, through organizing and education, to become leaders in their communities and to achieve better living and working conditions. Through the WJP, low-wage workers organize their peers to secure fair wages, recuperate lost salaries, improve working conditions, and protect the rights of all workers. We strive to change the conditions that lead to exploitation, strengthen the grassroots base of the labor movement and create economic alternatives so that our communities can take control of their lives and actively participate in their economic development

The WJP employs an arsenal of strategies (organizing, education, litigation, individual and policy advocacy, and service provision) to counter Latino workers' economic disenfranchisement and political marginalization. We promote justice and participatory democracy by increasing our members' capacity for of self-determination.