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About Us

First created as Henry Hudson 400 in 2004 by American and Dutch citizens to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s legendary voyage for the Dutch to the Hudson River and New York, the Foundation, organized in both Amsterdam and New York, produced several major events in 2009 and has also inspired many groups to plan exhibitions and programs.

The unique character of New York City, originally New Amsterdam, has been shaped by the legacy of the tolerant and entrepreneurial culture of the 17th century Dutch Republic. Besides celebrating American-Dutch history, the Henry Hudson 500 Foundation promotes future ties between New York and The Netherlands which are linked by their shared belief in the value of free, diverse, and entrepreneurial societies.

Following a succesfull chain of events in 2009 the Dutch foundation changed its name into Henry Hudson 500. The foudation will continue to organize events, projects and publications that promote key values of the 17th century Dutch Republic, (New) Amsterdam and New York: trade, freedom, tolerance and diversity.