Hope for Tomorrow, a Child and Family Support Center

  • NJ


537 East Washington Avenue
United States

About Us

Hope for Tomorrow's mission is to cultivate healthy bonds between children and their families, working in collaboration with community partners to provide quality-driven, compassionate care in a safe, supportive environment.

Hope for Tomorrow provides a safe, home-like setting for children to have contact with parents and other relatives they might not otherwise be able to maintain a relationship with due to custody litigation, foster care, or other difficult family situations. We also provide a neutral location where parents can pick up and drop off children without having to interact directly with each other. Our goal in providing these services is to minimize the emotional hardship that children frequently experience as a result of custody litigation, family violence, and/or foster care as possible, while helping them maintain safe, appropriate contact with their parents and other significant relatives.

At Hope for Tomorrow, we don’t make decisions about which parent has custody and/or visitation rights. This is decided by a judge in a court of law. What we do provide is a safe, friendly, neutral location for visits or custody exchanges to take place, removing much of the confusion and uncertainty that can lead to undue stress on families who have experienced or are going through a divorce or family breakup. ​ In addition, we help families address the problems that may have led to their current situations in order to overcome relationship difficulties and address trauma and harmful behavior, with the ultimate goal of creating a healthy, nurturing and safe environment for the child or children involved.