Friendship africa

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About Us

FRIENDSHIP AFRICA is a Kenyan registered charity whose mandate is to contribute in a small unique way towards the development agenda in Africa. The main areas of focus are health care, especially tackling the HIV/AIDS pandemic, education and projects that support community development at the grass root levels. In doing this, Friendship Africa will contribute to the Millennium Development Goals as set out by the United Nations Organization.

VISION: The vision of friendship Africa is to see communities in Africa which are free of disease, ignorance and poverty, irrespective of political, religious, creed, social, gender, or other tags that divide mankind. This is because most of local communities in Africa are unable to access basic health services, education, and a majority of the population survives on less than a dollar per day. We dream of a time when Africa will be opened up to development through creating vibrant friendships, networking, linkages, and partnerships with the rest of the world. In so doing Africa will be able to belong to the community of developed nations.

MISSION: The vision of friendship Africa will be driven by a clear mission: Supporting healthcare, education, social development, and other poverty reducing initiatives. We will partner with local communities to support them towards implementing these strategies. Our work is currently implemented in Nyanza, Eastern, and coast provinces. Eventually projects will be rolled into the rest of the country and the continent. A key strategy will be supporting health systems strengthening efforts, inviting and working with people and volunteers from around the world who will donate their time, skills, resources, and more importantly ideas on how to drive this mission.