Advocates of Children of Deadbeat Parents

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5745 Jones Sausage Road
Garner, NC
United States

About Us

Our social mission is to assist parents with children of deadbeat parents with needed resources to help them to help themselves. Through social networking and group meetings we are better able to pinpoint the most urgent areas of needs. We act in the best interest of the child by teaching parents the concept of accountability. To be a participant, parents must agree to :1. Educate themselves in order to be able to communicate effectiovely with their children and society 2.Learn to make and adhere to family budgets and utilize money saving tips such as clipping coupons and buying in bulks. 3. Participate in planned parenthood 4. willing to learn about eating healthy and exercising to build confidence and 5. Spend at least one hour of quality time with their children such as playing with them or reading to them. They must also agree to assist with obtaining child support from the absent parent when necessary.